Beyond “About Us”: Getting to Know the Web Committee

If you’ve installed the latest CORAL beta release or poked at the project documentation, you may have noticed some updates to the main CORAL site, Recently, the CORAL Web Committee took some time to review and update the website. The CORAL Web Committee began as a documentation group and has worked for more than three years updating CORAL’s online pages. Chaired by Scott Vieira of Rice University, the Web Committee meets monthly and has an active discussion list. In addition to Scott, the Web Committee includes two other Steering Committee members, Yan Song from North Carolina State University (who was featured in the Winter newsletter) and Heather Wilson from Caltech. The Committee is excited to have two new members on board, Kelsey Brett from Texas A&M University and Rebecca Tatterson from East Carolina University. While many members are electronic resources librarians, not all are: Laurel Narizny, Systems Librarian from Caltech, is a member of the Web Committee as well.

The Web Committee has become a major part of CORAL’s governance structure, and it takes on work that is central to meeting the needs of CORAL users. Some of the CORAL Web Committee’s more visible work can be seen in the recent updates to the CORAL website. The team worked with the Steering Committee to remove several dormant pages and add a fresh WordPress template. The team also moved the meeting minutes and agenda to Github, where the Steering Committee minutes are recorded. You may have noticed calls for feedback on the CORAL mailing list about the new website -- the Web Committee discusses and incorporates that feedback into the project.

However, as central as the website is to the CORAL’s operations, the group makes a huge contribution to the CORAL project behind the scenes, where the Web Committee organizes and maintains the CORAL documentation. The developers provide primary documentation in the CORAL Github repository, and the Web Committee organizes, maintains, and updates the details maintained at Currently, the Committee is focusing on documentation for the upcoming 3.0 release. Part of updating that documentation means reviewing the results of the recent CORAL survey, which are also featured in this newsletter. As always, the Web Committee is seeking feedback and volunteers, and anyone with an interest is encouraged to email CORAL Admin List and let the Web Committee know!

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