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CORAL Online Summit 2022:

Community Overview & Summit Logistics, Jennifer Weston, Equinox Open Library Initiative
Welcome, Discussion and Getting Involved, Xiaoyan Song, NC State University Libraries
CORAL Resources Module and Workflows, Xiaoyan Song, NC State University Libraries
CORAL Summit Vendor Panel: Equinox Open Library Initiative, Angela Kilsdonk, Product and Education Manager
Planting a Reef: A Checklist for Getting Started with CORAL, Jason Boyer, Senior System Administrator, Rogan Hamby, MLIS, Data and Project Analyst, Erica Rohlfs, MLIS, PMP, Senior Implementation Project Manager
Exploring the CORAL Demo Site, Sarah Dennis, Texas A&M University
Making the Most of the Management and Organization Modules, Sarah Dennis, Texas A&M University
CORAL Licensing and Usage Statistics Modules, Rebecca Tatterson, East Carolina University
Product Overview, BLUEcloud eRM, Andy Panayiotou, Product Manager SirsiDynix
CORAL Online Summit recording

CORAL Online Summit 2021:

CORAL Online Summit Introduction
CORAL Overview for Public Libraries
CORAL 2020.09 Usage Statistics Module updates
CORAL eRM Usage Statistics module updates: a user’s perspective
CORAL at ECU Libraries: flexibility in managing e-resource workflows
Implementation of CORAL in the Irish Parliamentary Library

NASIG 2018: Wrangle and Corral that License Agreement

North Carolina Serials Conference 2018: Streamlining Acquisition Workflows Through Collaboration And Innovation

ER&L 2018: CORAL Users Group Meeting ER&L 2018: Combining CORAL: Building Knowledgebase Integrations for an Open Source ERM

LITA 2017: Shoaling and Schooling: Managing Parallel Teams for Populating, Testing, and Developing the CORAL ERM

OVGTSL 2016: Getting the Most out of CORAL

NASIG 2016: User Group Meeting – NCSU’s Involvement with CORAL

NASIG 2016: User Group Meeting Presentation

Texas Library Association (TLA) 2016: Using CORAL to Improve Workflows

ER&L 2016: User Group Meeting Presentation      Notes

Library Technology Conference 2016: Hands on with CORAL Electronic Resource Management System

Library Technology Conference 2016: Why CORAL?

NETSL 2016: Building the Reef – Adding on to the CORAL ERM

NC Serials 2016: Pulling it all Together – Using CORAL ERM for Serials Acquisitions Management

NASIG 2015: Coral as Source for Database A-Z

NASIG 2015: CORAL ERM at Southern University Carbondale

NASIG 2015: Using CORAL to Support Workflow and Document E-Resources

ER&L 2015: CORAL User Group Meeting

ER&L 2015: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Another ERM

Charleston 2014: Using an ERMS to Facilitate the Monograph Firm Order Workflow (poster session)

ER&L 2014: CORAL User Group Meeting

ER&L 2013 : CORAL Users Group Meeting

portion by Ben Heet, NCSU Libraries

portion by Eric Hartnett, Texas A&M University

Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Conference 2013: Breaking the Waves: Implementing CORAL at UW-Parkside

NASIG 2012 : CORAL – Implementing an Open Source ERMportion by Andrea Imre, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

portion by Eric Hartnett, Texas A&M University

portion by Derrik Hiatt, Wake Forest University

VALE 2012 Conference: The Implementation and Application of CORAL: an open source ERM provided by Jia Mi, Yongming Wang, The College of New Jersey

ALA Annual 2011: Open Source ERMS, CORAL & ERMes

Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians: Contributing an Open Source ERM

ER&L 2011: Innovative eResource Workflow Strategies

ALA Midwinter 2011: Presentation to ERM Interest Group

Indiana Library Federation 2010: Managing eJournal Statistics

Stockholm, Sweden 2010: BIBSAM Consortium Days – CORAL Overview

ALA Annual 2010: Demo at ALA Networking Uncommons

ER&L 2010: Can We Build It? Yes We Can!

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