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CORAL Online Summit 2021:

CORAL Online Summit Introduction
CORAL Overview for Public Libraries
CORAL 2020.09 Usage Statistics Module updates
CORAL eRM Usage Statistics module updates: a user’s perspective
CORAL at ECU Libraries: flexibility in managing e-resource workflows
Implementation of CORAL in the Irish Parliamentary Library

NASIG 2018: Wrangle and Corral that License Agreement

North Carolina Serials Conference 2018: Streamlining Acquisition Workflows Through Collaboration And Innovation

ER&L 2018: CORAL Users Group Meeting ER&L 2018: Combining CORAL: Building Knowledgebase Integrations for an Open Source ERM

LITA 2017: Shoaling and Schooling: Managing Parallel Teams for Populating, Testing, and Developing the CORAL ERM

OVGTSL 2016: Getting the Most out of CORAL

NASIG 2016: User Group Meeting – NCSU’s Involvement with CORAL

NASIG 2016: User Group Meeting Presentation

Texas Library Association (TLA) 2016: Using CORAL to Improve Workflows

ER&L 2016: User Group Meeting Presentation      Notes

Library Technology Conference 2016: Hands on with CORAL Electronic Resource Management System

Library Technology Conference 2016: Why CORAL?

NETSL 2016: Building the Reef – Adding on to the CORAL ERM

NC Serials 2016: Pulling it all Together – Using CORAL ERM for Serials Acquisitions Management

NASIG 2015: Coral as Source for Database A-Z

NASIG 2015: CORAL ERM at Southern University Carbondale

NASIG 2015: Using CORAL to Support Workflow and Document E-Resources

ER&L 2015: CORAL User Group Meeting

ER&L 2015: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Another ERM

Charleston 2014: Using an ERMS to Facilitate the Monograph Firm Order Workflow (poster session)

ER&L 2014: CORAL User Group Meeting

ER&L 2013 : CORAL Users Group Meeting

portion by Ben Heet, NCSU Libraries

portion by Eric Hartnett, Texas A&M University

Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Conference 2013: Breaking the Waves: Implementing CORAL at UW-Parkside

NASIG 2012 : CORAL – Implementing an Open Source ERMportion by Andrea Imre, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

portion by Eric Hartnett, Texas A&M University

portion by Derrik Hiatt, Wake Forest University

VALE 2012 Conference: The Implementation and Application of CORAL: an open source ERM provided by Jia Mi, Yongming Wang, The College of New Jersey

ALA Annual 2011: Open Source ERMS, CORAL & ERMes

Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians: Contributing an Open Source ERM

ER&L 2011: Innovative eResource Workflow Strategies

ALA Midwinter 2011: Presentation to ERM Interest Group

Indiana Library Federation 2010: Managing eJournal Statistics

Stockholm, Sweden 2010: BIBSAM Consortium Days – CORAL Overview

ALA Annual 2010: Demo at ALA Networking Uncommons

ER&L 2010: Can We Build It? Yes We Can!

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