usage statistics module screen shot

The Usage Statistics module supports JR1 and JR1a COUNTER reports, or any non-counter report edited to a counter-like format. Management of the usage statistics is available by both publisher and platform. Each platform or provider can be linked to a specific organization in the Organizations module which will in turn import all associated account information. This allows Organizations to be a single point of entry for all administrative account data. In the case of publisher reported errors or if you wish to re-import usage statistics for any reason, individual months of data can be deleted by publisher or platform.

Usage Statistics can also check for “outlier” statistics in all imported data and can flag the title/month of the suspicious activity – for example, a journal with a normal level of 20 article downloads per month suddenly becomes 2,000 downloads. There are three levels of outlier use, the formula for which can be customized within the module’s admin page. This outlier use is flagged both within the user interface and within exported reports using color coding for easy identification. 

Usage Statistics Reports is a front end to the Usage Statistics database designed to be used by staff and collection managers for running their own reports. It comes predefined with six reports for viewing roll-ups, specific title usage, and top journal uses. The publisher and provider lists that are available within Reporting are controlled through the Usage Statistics front end.

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