Resources is the most recent addition to the CORAL suite – meant to assist in the management of the entire electronic resource workflow. Like the other modules, Resources is highly customizable through an administrative front end and has robust search features, as well as the new ability to export search results into excel. Supporting the acquisitions workflow is simplified by easily customizable workflow parameters – and includes abilities to require approvals for step completion, email alerts and a user specific “My Queue” for outstanding tasks.

Additional features to help support the resource include subscription alert emails, customizable “notes” fields, the ability to upload attachments and keep account/contact information. If the Licensing module is used, an individual resource can be linked to a specific license for quick access. Likewise by using Organizations, Resources will automatically display all related contacts and accounts. Additionally parent/child relationships can be set with any resources for increased accessibility. All of these features combine to create a powerful search so you can quickly locate any resource.


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