licensing module screen shot

The Licensing module provides a way to store and access digital copies of current and expired license agreements along with other related documents.  

Providing many customization options institutions can define which terms are important for them to track - both document types and types of license clauses are customized through the administrative front end. The Licensing module is also a flexible document management system, useful in anticipating a variety of agreements and institutional goals for managing agreements. Parent/child relationships help easy identification of the association between agreements and amendments. More features include signature tracking, the ability to associate organizations and consortium as well as the ability to upload any additional attachments.

Additionally, the Licensing module has an add-on for delivering up the license terms within the context of accessing a specific resource. The Licensing Terms Tool add-on works by querying an OpenURL resolver API to obtain the available resource holdings along with the governing license terms. Interlibrary loan staff, for example, will find this easy to use add-on invaluable in identifying the interlibrary rights governing electronic journals.

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