CORAL Beta 3.0 Now Available

The CORAL Steering Committee is excited to announce that a beta release of CORAL 3.0 is available for testing. The Beta 3.0 release features enhancements to the import tool, functionality for integration with the EBSCO knowledgebase, tracking multiple orders per resource, and more. Documentation is being generated by the Web Committee and will be available soon. The Beta 3.0 release can be downloaded from Github or tested at the demo CORAL site. To ask questions or provide feedback about the release, please visit the Github page or email the CORAL Discussion list. In mid-April, the Steering Committee will evaluate user feedback and plan for a final 3.0 release.

Update: The committee has evaluated the beta release and plans to release the an official 3.0 version by the end of May. We will generate a new post for details about that release and note it in the CORAL newsletter. Stay tuned!

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