CORAL 2.0 Beta Release is ready to download!

CORAL Community,

After more than a year of planning and coordination, the CORAL Steering Committee is very pleased to announce the beta release of CORAL 2.0. The beta release designation is important; we want the community to get hands on experience with the functionality (including via the demo site which has been upgraded to this beta release) and to report issues for a while before we release a production-ready version.

To read the release notes, or to download and install this new release, go to Before you install locally, be sure that you first upgrade your existing installation to the latest 1.x release of each module you use. This is very important.

CORAL 2.0 contains the most far-reaching changes of any prior release and represents significant contributions from the CORAL user community that make this software even more useful to all. And it positions us well for future enhancements to come. In the near future we’ll engage the broader community in developing a road map for what will be added next and when.

CORAL Steering Committee (SC)

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