CORAL keeps on growing and along with that growth comes a demand for information about CORAL: What is CORAL?  Will CORAL meet our needs?  How are other libraries using CORAL?  What kind of tech skills do I need to administer CORAL?  I work for a small library without tech support—what do I have to do to get CORAL to work?  And so many more questions.

In February 2015 following the CORAL User’s Group Meeting at ER & L (Electronic Resources and Libraries) in Austin, Texas, a small group of us met to discuss the possibility of actively doing something to help the CORAL community with these kinds of questions.  This initiative got back to the CORAL Steering Committee, which enthusiastically agreed to the idea.  So this past summer the CORAL Web Committee came together.  The CORAL Web Committee has been tasked by the CORAL Steering Committee to administer CORAL’s website and improve documentation initiatives for the CORAL community, where ever that should lead us.

CORAL is about the library community.  It is open source, community driven software.  It is CORAL’s community that is the key to its success so far.  Nothing will change here.  It will be an active community that will continue to carry CORAL forward as a trendsetter for managing electronic resources.   So whether you are an active CORAL user or just a prospective user, I hope you will consider how you too can contribute to making CORAL the best Electronic Resource Management System possible.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to bookmark this site so you don’t miss out on any of the latest news, updates and other resources.

Scott Vieira, Chair

CORAL Web Committee

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