From the Committees – Summer 2018

From the Steering Committee:

  • The Steering Committee enjoyed a casual summer and revisited many bugs that emerged from the 3.0 release. Please see the summer meeting minutes for details about those bug fixes.  
  • While still under discussion, CORAL is considering joining the Open Library Foundation (OLF). The discussion is very much ongoing, and the CORAL Community is highly encouraged to follow progress and provide input in the OLF Discussion space on the CORAL website. 

From the Web Committee:

  • The Web Committee has been doing more planning around social media, and users may have noticed more activity on the CORAL Twitter account. CORAL is now using some social media managers to make these channels more effective in keeping members up-to-date. 
  • Beginning with the EIFL webinar, the CORAL Web Committee will be developing a Youtube channel for CORAL! It will feature tutorials, overviews, helpful tips, anything useful in a video format. Stay tuned!

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