CORAL 2.0 Update

CORAL community,

The CORAL Steering Committee (SC) has been working hard on preparing CORAL 2.0 and is excited to share an update on what we plan for that release, which is scheduled for sometime toward the end of this year. We are also thinking about releasing a beta version in advance so that we can get good feedback before the production release. Some highlights to expect in the CORAL 2.0 release include:

Unified Installer and Upgrade Script

A unified installer for new installations, plus a new upgrade script for existing installations.

CSS Modifications
One of the first contributions made by SirsiDynix to the shared code is a thorough redo of CSS throughout CORAL which results in a fresher, more up-to-date look and feel.

BibLibre has done a great job of articulating the need, and coding for, module translations. At this point, modules will be available in English and French translations, with Chinese being worked on by SirsiDynix. This functionality significantly enhances CORAL’s international reach.

Import Funds/Create Funds
Another new feature from SirsiDynix will be the ability to batch upload/create funds so that codes used in your ILS can readily be reused in CORAL.

We are also working on creating new and updated documentation for this release. Please reply to the list if you have any questions or concerns and as always, we’ll do our best to address them.


Chair, SC

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