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CORAL Survey Responses
Reporting Back: Results from the CORAL User Group Survey
Remember our big survey from 2017? The results are in! We've provided a downloadable summary here.
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What else is new with CORAL?
Beyond “About Us”: Getting to Know the Web Committee
Beyond "About Us": Getting to Know the Web Committee
The CORAL Web Committee began as a documentation group and has worked for more than three years updating CORAL’s online pages. Get to know this governance group!
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Presentations and Publications
Presentations and Publications - Spring 2018
CORAL is out and about at NASIG and in Against the Grain!
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CORAL Close-Up
CORAL Close-Up: Carolyn Carpan from the University of Alberta Libraries
This CORAL Close-Up highlights the work of NASIG presenter Carolyn Carpan, who shares some insight into the CORAL setup at the University of Alberta Libraries.
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From the Committees - Spring 2018
From the Committees - Spring 2018
New membership and big moves in CORAL governance!
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